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Ultimate Diver Training from Ocean Corp

Ocean Corp Ultimate Diver Training

You live to dive because you enjoy the beauty and mystery of the underwater world. You love being able to see nature's intriguing marine life up close and personal. Having a job and the financial rewards it brings lets you enjoy the good things in life like scuba diving. Have you ever thought about combining the two? Diving and earning a living doing it. This article will show you how easy getting started on that path is.

For decades, Ocean Corporation has been teaching commercial diving skills to the most passionate of divers, enabling them to become the Ultimate Diver. These divers are an elite group. Their underwater office is deeper than most recreational divers ever venture and is both a challenging and rewarding work environment. They perform construction, inspection, repairs and salvage on the world’s underwater infrastructure, and their missions include working in inland, open-water and offshore dive operations.

What is Ultimate Diver Training

With the Ultimate Diver Training you get the hands on instruction and skill set you need in order to thrive. And you get it from the best instructors in the business. They are former commercial and military divers who teach you the essentials with no fluff. You will master:

• air diving
• mixed-gas and saturation diving
• open water diving
• deep water diving
• contaminated environment diving
• underwater nondestructive testing
• operating remote vehicles
• the use of decompression chambers
• underwater welding
• rigging
• offshore safety and survival skills
• first aid

How to make it happen

The life of a commercial diver can be challenging. But it is very rewarding. Would you have what it takes to join their ranks? Think you can become the Ultimate Diver? If so, the Ultimate Diver Training program can provide you with the knowledge and skill set to be the best of the best - a commercial diver. And Ocean Corporation is the school that can mold you into one.

What to do next

For more information on gaining unlimited opportunities in an exciting and lucrative career field visit http://oceancorp.com/ultimate_diver_training.html or call 1-800-321-0298.

Watch this video to see everything you've just read about in action.

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Why Ocean Corporation

Open Water diving

Deep Water Diving

Offshore Safety Survival

Want to test drive it first

Would you like a taste of what being the ultimate diver is like before you start your training? Attend Ocean Corp's Commercial Diving Experience affectionately known as Camp CDE for a weekend preview of what it is like to live the life of a commercial diver.

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