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Social Media Success for Underwater Video

7 Tips for Sharing Your Underwater Videos Online

Taking a photo of a passing stingray

Attract more viewers by using a striking image as a thumbnail.

Brandon Cole

Start Strong

Facebook and Instagram videos autoplay in an effort to capture our attention while scrolling through the feed. That said, our attention can only be captured if the first three seconds of footage are intriguing. Be sure to open your video with a strong visual, ideally using color and movement.


Know Your Audience

If most of your social friends are nondivers, you’ll likely get the most views for easily recognizable subjects such as turtles and clownfish. If most of your social friends are divers, then share those rare nudibranchs and other cryptic critters.


Add Music

The right music ups your production quality and keeps the viewer engaged. Be sure to pick a widely enjoyed genre that matches the action.


Time It

Most of us scan social media to get a quick fix these days. Keep videos short to encourage viewers to watch the whole edit. Instagram caps videos at 60 seconds. If you have a longer feature, try using your social post as a teaser to watch the full video.


Keep It Native

Facebook’s algorithm will show a video directly uploaded in your friends’ timelines more than a share from YouTube or Vimeo.



A strong thumbnail is essential for YouTube and when users visit your Instagram page. Think of it as a subconscious cost-benefit analysis. What will make people click your video?

Tag Your Buddies

Comments and likes help drive your video’s reach. Tag dive buddies in your post so that they quickly see it and comment, prompting the platform’s algorithm to keep sharing the post. Depending on your buddies’ settings, the video might appear on their pages and their friends’ feeds, greatly expanding your reach and views.


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