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Michigan Diving

Michigan gets its name from an Ojibwa (Chippewa) Native American word that means large lake. The Mackinac Bridge connects the two peninsulas that make up Michigan, and is one of the worlds longest suspension bridges. In the Lower Peninsula is Michigan's largest city, Detroit, known worldwide as the center of America's auto industry.


St. Clair River is a 40-mile-long river connecting Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair. Advanced divers who are comfortable with the river¿s strong current can experience numerous shipwrecks which have only minimal corrosion due to the freshwater conditions.

The Selvick is a diver friendly tug purposely sunk with minimal damage in 70 feet of water. Its pilot house starts in 40 feet and is totally penetrable. Lights are a must.

Thunder Bay in Alpena is also known as Shipwreck Alley because of its unpredictable fog and sudden gales. Numerous vessels rest well-preserved in depths ranging from 12 feet to 180 feet.

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