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Four New Scuba Diving Computers Reviewed

Check out these new scuba diving computers from Suunto, Mares, Cressi, and Aqua Lung.

Suunto D5

Suunto D5 dive computer

Starting at $849.95;

Jon Whittle

This air-integrated computer has a high-contrast color display and uses a reflective technology that enhances the screen’s visibility in a wide range of conditions. Unlike most color screens, it is easily visible in bright environments, including in full sun. The compact display puts some info in a changeable window at the bottom, which allows it to pack in a lot of data without becoming cluttered. Attention-grabbing colors, and audible and vibrating alarms are unmissable. The three-button operation is simple and intuitive.

Mares Genius

Mares Genius dive computer


Jon Whittle

This large wrist-mounted computer is stuffed with advanced features. You can set its algorithm from eight preset rec or tec gradient factors, or choose your own custom factors. You can also fine-tune the level of conservatism with several other factors, including options for repetitive diving, what physical condition you’re in, how you’re currently feeling and the expected dive conditions. The giant full-color display has excellent visibility and a wealth of well-organized data. Despite its advanced functionality, operation is disarmingly simple. Air-integrated, it can pair with up to five tank transmitters.

Cressi Neon

The Neon is a capable dive instrument that features a user-friendly operation that even the newest diver can quickly master thanks to its ergonomic two-button navigation. The high-contrast display—with built-in backlight—is clearly visible at depth and provides access to basic dive data at a glance. The computer runs on a user-replaceable battery and is nitrox compatible. Pleasing ergonomics and a compact 48-millimeter case make this computer suitable for everyday wear. It is available in a range of colors to suit your individual style. $349.95;

Aqua Lung i200C

This computer features a sporty, compact design and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless interface with Aqua Lung’s free DiverLog+ app. Four ergonomic buttons provide a finger-friendly access to the computer’s menus and settings. Operation is intuitive and relatively simple to navigate. The i200c is nitrox compatible up to 100-percent O2 and has a freediving mode. The 1 ¼-inch display is basic but uncluttered and is easy to read at a glance. Deco warnings, tissue loading and ascent graphs, and adjustable safety-stop countdown are straightforward and easy for even the newest dive to understand. Audible alarms and a high-visibility LED warning light make sure you’ll never miss an alert. $389; Contact:

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