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Four New Drysuits Under $2,000

Interested in purchasing a new drysuit? These economy models offer great performance, but won’t break the bank. All four drysuits below come in at $2,000 USD or less.

DUI Yukon II

DUI Yukon II drysuit

$1,650 Standard Sizing, $2,050 custom sizing;

Jon Whittle

This suit stands out for its solid performance and a high-quality design not often found at this price point. Controlling air movement is a breeze, helped by the suit’s streamlined fit and well-placed exhaust valve. The suit’s telescoping torso and long inlays from waist to wrist on each side provide a comfortable fit with a very good range of motion. The ripstop trilaminate material is tough and features sewn and heat-taped seams for increased durability. The suit is equipped with replaceable ZipSeals at the neck and wrists, comfortable semi-rigid boots and a well-designed thigh cargo pocket.

Bare Aqua-Trek 1 Pro Dry

Bare Aqua-Trek 1 Pro Dry


Jon Whittle

The budget-friendly Aqua-Trek provides a lot of bang for your buck. As a bonus, the suit’s breathable fabric is lightweight and can fold up compactly for easy travel. The suit’s body-hugging fit is helped by a rear elastic waist band and provides a good range of motion. Air movement is predictable and easy to control, although some divers may find the exhaust valve a little far forward for their liking. The design features a rear shoulder zip, fixed latex seals and soft boots. It does not have a telescoping torso or cargo pockets. The price also includes a set of Bare’s Ultrawarmth Base Layer undergarments.

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Scubapro Evertec Dry Breathable

Scubapro Evertec Dry Breathable drysuit


Jon Whittle

This suit’s cool, breathable material is as comfortable on the surface as it is in the water and its fit prevents unwanted air shifting, making it easy to control your buoyancy and trim. The well-placed exhaust valve operates smoothly and predictably, allowing you to vent the suit without a lot of excess movement. The wrists and neck feature replaceable ring seals, which fasten with clips. The bulky seals are a bit cumbersome, but well protected. The suit has a number of nice touches like instrument retainer straps on both wrists, an adjustable neoprene neck collar, a zippered interior pocket and quick-release suspenders.

Camaro Drytec Lite 3.0

Camaro Drytec Lite 3.0


Jon Whittle

This suit is lightweight and flexible. The stretchy fabric provides an incredible range of motion while maintaining a snug, trim fit that doesn’t drag in the water. Air movement is easy to control with this suit, although venting sometimes requires an exaggerated arm-up motion due to the forward position of the exhaust valve. The fixed latex seals are effective and the neck has an adjustable, titanium-lined neoprene collar to aid in heat retention. The suit’s padded suspenders are ergonomic and comfortable and feature a handy zippered key pocket and convenient Velcro-closure front entry. Custom sizing is also available.


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