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Best Scuba Diving Women’s Wetsuits

A comfortable wetsuit with the right amount of protection will make any good dive even better. Especially when that wetsuit is cut specifically for you. Our 2019 scuba diving Gear Buyers Guide will help you find the best women's wetsuit or shorty that fits your diving style.

Akona 3 mm Women's Front Zip Quantum Stretch Suit

Akona 3 mm Women's Front Zip Quantum Stretch Suit

$260 | Akona


For women who demand premium comfort and performance in a wetsuit, plus a dash of modern style, AKONA delivers the Quantum Stretch in two configurations — front and back zip — crafted with a new neoprene that’s 25 percent more flexible than previous models. To ensure a great fit, the 3mm front zip is available in five sizes.

Scubapro Definition Wetsuit

Scubapro Definition wetsuit

$275 (3 mm); $356 (5 mm) | Scubapro


This wetsuit, available in 3 mm and 5 mm, is specifically tailored to fit like a glove and features seamless single arm and leg stretch panels for extra stretch where it’s needed most. Double zippered seals make the 5 mm especially easy to don and doff. Exposed areas like shoulders, elbows and knees have abrasion-resistant appliques for durability.


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