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Welcome to the Central American Eco-hotspot and dive Mecca of Honduras. On the mainland, you will find the impressive ancient ruins of Copan, known as the Paris of the Maya world because of its impressive, intact, art.

The primal forests of the central highlands are wrapped in a misty shroud of clouds and punctuated by the sounds of howler monkeys, the calls of the vividly colored Scarlett Macaw and the footprints of the jaguar. Just offshore are the famous Bay Islands of Honduras, with reefs that are home to every species of marine life found in the Caribbean. Roatan, the largest of the three, is wrapped in numerous famous dives, such as Mary's Place, the El Aguila wreck and the CoCo View Wall. At the Roatan Institute for Marine Science you can dive with dolphins, or hop over to the sleepy island of Utila, one of the world's true whale shark hotspots. For edge of the earth dive adventures, don't miss the third sister island of Guanaja, where the wreck of the Jado Trader awaits. Honduras is a true destination of a lifetime, crammed with adventure and discovery.

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